Does anyone else feel the need to celebrate by writing other things once they hit a particular milestone in their more serious projects? Obviously, The Tomorrow Trilogy is my baby. Has been my baby for over a decade. And at the age of 25, having an epic trilogy idea in your head for 10+ years that, at the age it was first conceived, you didn’t have the knowledge base to pull off realistically? Well, let’s put it this way: this trilogy is still a lot of work for me and stretches me as a writer, in all sorts of ways.

But when I hit those first 50 pages being complete of Seize the Day‘s rewrite, my brain shut down. Told me I needed to do some things for fun. Okay, I have plenty of little side-projects that range from “completely and utterly just for fun” to “I’ll turn this into a one-shot novel one day, but right now I have to get to know the characters.” I finished “Out of Control.” I still have “Forgiveness” and “The Stellar Challenge” for fanfics (of my own stuff) to finish….

But I signed up for this community on LJ: 10 Kink Prompts. Did it a couple of months ago, at least. I claimed the pairing Savin/Mitchel, because let’s face it: I love Jazz and Savin together, I really do, but pairings like Savin/Mitchel really do it for me. And one of my prompts is “Pornography.” I originally intended to write about Savin finding Mitchel’s porn stash (and not being judgmental of it — more like “Why the hell are you hiding this? It’s just porn.”), but now…

Now I have a more awesome idea.

Mitchel as the camera man/director.

Savin and Jazz as the two actors. Savin’s actually Mitchel’s partner, but Mitchel likes er…watching his lover get it on with other people (and Savin certainly doesn’t mind as long as Mitchel gets to watch and is getting off on it, which he is).

Less than four hours of sleep, and this is what my brain does.

Why, brain? Just…why?

(Oh, I am so writing this today…)