Considering the shit that happened today, I’m happy that I even wrote anything. 880 words of Seize the Day have been added to the most recent version — and I am finally have 50 pages! Yes! I want to have a few people look it over and rip it apart, but 50 pages! Yay! I even finished chapter 7 on page 50, too, which is the natural stopping point I wanted to get to — it’s just as things start going to shit for both Jazz & Ryin and Savin & Mari. 😀


Mari tightened her arms around herself and frowned. Pregnant. She was pregnant. With child. “What if — what if we kept it?” she asked. She looked up at him, biting her lip hard enough to cause a flare of pain.

Savin’s jaw dropped to between his legs, his eyes huge behind his glasses. “You can’t be fucking serious. Keep it? Mari, that would be suicide if anyone ever found out — I mean, look at what happened to the Kings.”

Mari sucked in her lip, wincing slightly as she uncrossed her arms. “You’re right,” she said with a sigh. She lowered herself into the oversized armchair beside Savin, sitting half in the chair and half in his lap and leaning her head against his shoulder. “So what do we do?” she asked.

Savin kept his eyes forward, slinging an arm around Mari’s waist and pulling her close against him. “We set up an appointment for an abortion and hope no one ever finds out about this?” he offered, a wry smile making its way across his lips. “There’s not much we can do, Mari. They’re not reporting us — we just have to ‘take care of’ the problem before resubmitting our application for reproductive rights.”

Mari managed to smile back, slipping her arm around Savin’s back and leaning further against him. She closed her eyes and put her other hand on her stomach. Pregnant. She was pregnant. Keeping the baby would be illegal — would get them in so much trouble and maybe even cost them their lives, if they didn’t take care of things fast enough. And Natural Borns weren’t really people, either. They only caused the human race suffering — only further endangered it.

That’s why the NBEA still hunted down that wretched Ryin King, even nearly six years since his initial escape. He was a danger to society — a menace.

But could an unborn baby really be that dangerous, too? Especially one with parents who were both born the right way? She tightened her arm around herself just as Savin kissed her forehead.

“Make the appointment,” she whispered, ignoring how her eyes stung. “Let me know when so I can schedule the day off.”

“Alright,” Savin murmured in return. “You gonna be okay?”

Mari frowned, a tear or two slipping down her cheek. “Yeah… I’ll be okay.”

She hoped.