I usually reserve Kenshin for Wednesdays but today counts, too, damnit. I DID finish my LJI entry, I do really like my partner’s entry and the overall story they tell. I also finished chapter 5 of Seize the Day, and I have 11 pages left of my 50. That’s maybe two chapters’ worth of material. Which is good, because those two chapters? Are where things start really going down hill for everyone… So I hope I can squeeze them in. 

The tiny, tiny bit I added to Seize the Day:

Savin felt his cheeks grow warm and looked back down at the table. “You weren’t distracting me,” he said, clearing his throat. Mari just giggled quietly, wrapping her arms around him from behind. He could feel her breath ghost against his neck, causing him to take in a slow, deep breath. “Okay, now you’re distracting me.”

“Good,” Mari said, pulling away from him. “I’ll be in our room waiting for you. Finish those questions fast enough and you just might get lucky…”

Savin sat up straighter, shivering as Mari’s fingers trailed down the sides of his neck. They were gone just that quickly and he could hear her footsteps retreat to the bedroom. As much as he wanted to turn and watch her leave, he knew he needed to finish those stupid questions, first. She wanted kids, he reminded himself. She wanted this.

Sighing, he put his pen back to the paper, forcing himself to tackle the questions one at a time — and to take them seriously, too. He needed to treat it like an exam; there was no need to second guess himself and his answers. It wasn’t like he would make an unfit parent — he knew for sure that his answers would be acceptable. That Mari’s would be acceptable.

There was no way he would let himself screw this up for her — his attempt to sabotage things had been a moment of weakness; something he felt ashamed for even thinking about doing. Like she said, it was just an application.

And really, what’s the worst that could happen? That the Agency tells them no, they can’t submit genetic material to create a child? Savin knew that he and Mari could handle that — that she would accept that and try adoption, next.

They could handle anything that came their way, after all.