It’s Wednesday.

You know what that means.

Though today wouldn’t have been so bad if my child hadn’t woken up at 5:45 this morning and refused to go back to sleep. Then maybe I would have gotten enough sleep and then maybe I would have written more than 900ish words so far today. None of them are for Seize the Day, of course, because I’m still trying to get my Idol entry done. But! What I have of this piece so far amuses me and has taught me a lot about Mitchel, which is very, very good. 🙂

And now, for something completely different…

Ah, vacation. I’m normally not one to indulge, but with the recent political climate of the Empire, there is a distinct possibility that I may not get to for quite a while. I’m positive the Empire will undoubtedly fall apart with those two in control. Perhaps if the Council had selected me

I give myself a slight shake, as if doing so will clear my thoughts. Coming off-planet may have been the best decision I’ve made — Gates and McCallan have no jurisdiction over the planet Mirk. The Mirks themselves are a tireless race, skittering from end to end of the Harena Resort. They look every bit like an insect, jade skin hard and thick like that of an exoskeleton. Most of them are hardly three feet tall, and their eyes lack pupils.

Despite their appearances, they’re intelligent creatures, not to mention pleasant to converse with — if they speak the Common Tongue, which many do. This resort sprawls on for miles, entertaining humans and other extraterrestrials alike, after all. Curiously, they have no use for water; they find the substance repulsive — a nuisance. Even so, they utilized it, turned it into their largest economical asset. The Empire could learn from them — if the Emperors were willing to listen.

I snort into my glass, moving the obnoxious little umbrella aside. Gates and McCallan? Listen? If I were any more intoxicated, I’d laugh out loud. For now, I settle for snickering into my drink. The Mirks are not commendable just for keeping their vast beach resort pristine, after all.

They also make the best damn drinks in the entire galaxy. Any attempt I’ve made at recreating these beverages back on Second Earth hasn’t even come close. They’re stronger than your average concoction, as well. I have to be careful with how many I consume; unfortunately, I’m no longer in my twenties and lack the tolerance I once had.

Knowing to keep my pace and managing to do so? Well, I’m on vacation. Surely overindulging once or twice is acceptable? As long as I manage to keep control, of course. Which I have.