So this weekend, I’m taking a few days away from the home and the child. It’s a combined celebration for my 6th year wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day. 🙂 But I did manage to finish a section of StD. Not to mention get started on a fanfic piece I’ve been meaning to write this week. 

The snippet (continuing from where yesterday’s left off)

Ryin nodded, awkwardly wrapping his arms around Jazz. They stood like that for a moment before Jazz finally pulled away, wiping at his eyes. He sniffed and looked away, his face pink despite the giant grin breaking out on his face. “I’m sorry, it’s just — I thought you were never gonna give me one, and — I should have trusted that you would, eventually.”

Ryin managed a slight smile at that. “You should trust me on setting up camp for the night, too, then,” he said wryly, gesturing for Jazz to follow him further away from the road. “We both need a full night’s rest before trying to tackle the city, okay? Been through there once, don’t wanna end up shot like last time.”

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask — how the hell did you survive that? The news reported that you were fatally wounded,” Jazz said, following closely behind Ryin.

“Got nine fucking lives, apparently,” Ryin answered, smirking at Jazz over his shoulder. “Bastards left me for dead. Maybe if they had actually captured me, they’d have succeeded. But I was conscious enough to make a phone call.” He pulled out his phone, looking it over. “This thing has literally saved my goddamn life more times than I care to admit.”

As Ryin picked a spot and sat down on the ground, he shoved his phone back in his pocket and shook his head. He then loosely wrapped his arms around his knees, turning his head to look out towards the city. Its lights were brighter now, more daunting than ever as the sun became barely visible over the edge of the horizon. “That city is the worst fucking place on Second Earth for NBs,” he said, glancing at Jazz out of the corner of his eye. “And we have to go through the worst parts to get to where my Uncle Francis wants us to go. The longer we stay on the fucking outskirts, the better.”

Jazz nodded, biting his lip as he sat down as well, pulling the cap off his head. “We don’t — have any hair dye, do we?” he asked, his voice hardly above a whisper. “Your cap does a good job, but — what if I lose it?”

Ryin shook his head before smiling. “I know you won’t lose it, Jazz,” he said, his voice equally quiet. “I wouldn’t have handed it to you if I thought you would. That cap’s the last fucking thing I have from my parents.”

He looked away from Jazz, then, shrugging out of his backpack before resting it on the ground and placing his head on it. It wasn’t comfortable, but he hadn’t been comfortable in years. He didn’t dare look at Jazz’s face, not as he saw the younger man put a hand over his eyes. “Your parents didn’t deserve that,” he murmured. “They actually cared about you — wanted you to be safe. They weren’t doing anything wrong.”

“I know,” Ryin responded, turning onto his side. He frowned to himself, propping his head up with his hand. “Why do you think my uncle’s been working so fucking hard to overturn the NB laws? Shit’s gotten so fucking out of hand.”

“Yeah, but why didn’t he try to do it sooner?” Jazz asked, his eyebrows bunching together. “I mean, NBs are fucking people, too. Always have been. Why’d he wait so long to speak up about it?”

Ryin shook his head, ignoring how his chest felt tight. “He’s been trying to get attitudes towards NBs to change for like a decade, man,” he pointed out, his voice thankfully calm. “The news just didn’t give a fuck about it until people figured out I was an NB.”