So I’ve been stuck on my rewrite of Seize the Day. I wanted to keep the essence of the original chapter one, which basically was establish that there was something wrong with Mari (spoiler: she’s pregnant). Then I realized the first two sections of the original chapter one didn’t work and that the third could, if I tweaked it.

So I wrote a fresh new first section where Hajime basically forces Savin to come by for dinner. All well and good. Second section was the actual family visit — except I got super stuck. Mari is showing some early pregnancy signs (nausea). I also wanted to add more worldbuilding, as well as establish Savin’s apprehension towards the mere idea of having children.

I just wasn’t sure how. Then I decided I would complete a challenge for writerverse, another livejournal community that I love. The challenge? Dialogue Only. No speech tags. No narration. Just. Dialogue.

I told myself that a dialogue only piece with four speakers wouldn’t work. But, I’ve managed so far. The scene isn’t done yet, but here’s what I have, so far:

“Next fall is nearly two years away, Savin. A spring wedding is still favorable.”

“A nearly two year engagement would give them plenty of time, Hajime, dear…. Savin and Mari are both doctors. You remember how hard it was to plan our wedding, don’t you?”

“Yes — and nearly two years may be too much time…. Knowing Savin, planning would still be put off until the last minute.”

“…It’s not two years. It’s more like eighteen months, and I wouldn’t put it off to the last possible second –”

“You put off your medical school applications until the last possible moment, Savin. Something you were highly passionate about –”

“And I’m even more passionate about marrying Mari, Father. Also, that was fucking ten years ago. I’m twenty-seven now. One would think I’ve managed to fucking mature some.”

“Not with that language, you haven’t.”

“Hajime, dear — Savin has a point. He was a teenager, then, not an adult. I have confidence he and Mari will both handle their wedding plans just fine.”

“It’s more than just wedding plans they have to discuss, Nina. Mari is thirty-one. The Agency for Planned Reproduction won’t take applications from anyone over thirty-five.”

“We’re not even sure if we want children, Father….”

“Why not fill out an application now, sweetie, just in case? The Agency can take over a year to respond back. It’s why your father and I only had one child — the wait for them to approve us a second time took too long.”

“She has a point, Savin…. If we wait too much longer, we’re not gonna be able to have children.”

“But Mari — what if they approve us before we even make a decision either way? We’d just be wasting their time — maybe even our time, since we’re not sure we even want kids, in the first place.”

“Savin, filling out an application now wouldn’t hurt us any. You know they only approve so many people, anyway.”

“I guess…”

“Well, now that that’s settled, dinner is likely done. Mari, do you want me to set aside some for you, anyway? I know you aren’t feeling well, sweetie, but maybe some food can help settle your stomach?”

“Maybe… I guess I can try a little.”