So I haven’t finished a chapter yet today.

Did manage to write 1200 words though. Too busy watching watching Wreck-it-Ralph and crying because this movie is amazing and why did I never watch it before???

And now, for something completely different… 

“Your mother and I would like to celebrate your engagement to Mari tomorrow night, should the two of you be available.”

Savin looked up from the basin, continuing to scrub his hands as thoroughly as possible. He pursed his lips together as he regarded his father. “Isn’t that a little short notice, Father?” he asked. As he moved to rinse of his hands, his father began washing his hands beside him. “You know Mari and I are both busy.”

“As am I,” Hajime muttered, turning his dark eyes away from Savin. “You two have already been engaged for at least a month — your mother insists that we celebrate. ”

Savin smiled at that, turning off the water with an elbow. His mother would want to celebrate their engagement. “I’ll talk to Mari and see if she’ll be available tomorrow night.”

“I already spoke with her,” Hajime said over the sound of rushing water. “She said she had time scheduled off tomorrow evening. And I know your schedule.”

Savin clenched his jaw. The man would know Savin’s schedule, considering he was Chief of Surgery. “So really, what you’re telling me is that Mari and I are going to dinner tomorrow night, no questions asked,” he said, wishing to cross his arms over his chest, even though he couldn’t. Surgery scheduled in less than ten minutes, and he still wasn’t ready to get started. “Am I right?”

Hajime smirked at Savin, shutting off his water. “Your mother hasn’t seen the two of you in a while, Savin,” he murmured. “She is also happy for you both, and it would make her even happier if you two found the time to visit.”

Before Savin could say anything in response, Hajime gestured to the doors of the surgical suite, motioning Savin to follow him. Sighing, Savin backed his way through the doors right after his father. His stomach turned as they proceeded to gown up. “She’s not doing well,” he stated. It certainly wasn’t a question.