So I’m feeling pret-ty fucking amazing right now, not gonna lie. I finished two, count ’em, TWO chapters of Surrender the Night. Granted, Chapter 24 was a mostly salvaged chapter of the first draft, but I had to entirely rewrite it from another character’s POV. And, dare I say, it turned out even better in Jazz’s POV than Savin’s. I can say I’m very impressed with myself. 4k words have been added to Surrender the Night, and that just plain makes me happy, okay?

Part of Savin and Jazz being reasonable human beings who are in love, for once: 

Jazz leaned back into the couch, turning his eyes towards the ceiling. “I don’t –” He cut himself off, shaking his head. It was another moment before he continued speaking again, his eyes still focused on the ceiling. “So, what? You think he’s going to make a move or something, even though you and I are together?” he asked, furrowing his brow.

“I don’t know,” Savin moaned, putting his face in his hands. He forced himself to breathe in deeply again before raking back his hair. “I guess? Maybe? I just — don’t want to lose you to him.”

It hurt more to admit that than he thought it would, his hands shaking as he folded them in his lap. Jazz just raised an eyebrow at him before sighing. “Savin…” he trailed off, reaching out for one of Savin’s hands. He interlocked their fingers together and with his other hand lightly turned Savin’s chin towards him. “Savin, I love you, okay? I’m not going to leave you for Mitchel. There’s just — a lot of shit we have to figure out right now, and I like working with him, but –” He let his hand fall away from his face. “– he’s not you.”

Savin’s breath caught in his throat and his eyes stung, but he managed to nod his head anyway. He then looked away from Jazz, staring at their interlaced fingers. “I guess could you just — could you slow down how many days a week you two work together? Please?”

He leveled his gaze with Jazz’s, relief washing over him when Jazz nodded his head slightly. “I’ll let him know that we need to meet up a little less often — and I’ll try harder to work around your schedule, too, okay?” Jazz offered Savin an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry — I didn’t mean to make you so uncomfortable about Mitchel.”

Savin smiled back, though it was a slight one. “It’s okay,” he murmured, squeezing Jazz’s fingers. “I know I shouldn’t be jealous. You’re with me, not him. That should be enough.”

So why wasn’t it?