As promised, I have gone through the list of everyone’s Top 5 items, and have done my best to secure one item from it.

My role, at this point, is putting the people giving the prizes together with those who want them! 😀

So please coordinate from here!


You won the CHRISTOPHER BUEHLMAN consulting! Congratulations! I know you are going to get a lot out of that!

Allison is coordinating with Chris Buehlman, so she will forward your information on to him, so that you can work out the details.

Background info: On, I participated in writing competition known as The Real LJ Idol. Gary (the man behind the curtain) conducted a mini-season, I competed against 90 other writers, ended up in 7th place. Writers who placed 17th or higher could pick one of the prizes from the Community Chest. 

This was my second choice, but I didn’t expect to get either this or my first choice. Ahhhhh, I’m not ready to share any of the first 50 pages of either Seize the Day or Surrender the Night. FUCK. 

The actual prize: 
An editorial letter (overall feedback, not line-editing) on a first fifty pages – from Christopher Buelman (author of “Those Across the River” and “Between Two Fires”and nominee for World Fantasy Award for best novel in 2012)