Yeah, you. The think that controls all of my actions and thoughts and whatnot. This morning, you could have been more productive. If it weren’t for your excellent spouse, you might not have even written anything today. And you’re still writing now, but you know you have to stop soon and make dinner and start the very long, arduous task of making dinner, watching the three year old and keeping him entertained.

So why you no wanna write this morning? Or at least, why did it take you so damn long to get started on anything? I know you finished “Whose Ass is Better?” (yes, that’s the title; no, it’s every bit as awful as you think it is) and submitted it, starting that uncomfortable process of waiting to hear back from the publishers. You’ve seen the work that particular press promotes. Are you sure you really want to be associated with that? Then again, you did give them your pen name, and you need to get used to stepping outside your comfort zone….

I guess that’s why you latched on to this other anthology. Submission period starts tomorrow. You have the whole month to develop and polish a piece between 1000-6000 words. Why do you need to get it out of your system now now now? Do you feel better, brain, writing the first two (tiny) sections of it? 

I hate you sometimes. I hope you know that. I just wanted to write some more of book 2 today. Is that so much to ask? Oh wait, you did let me write a section of that. But now you don’t want to do more work and you only added roughly 600 words to your manuscript. You know that’s not nearly enough, brain.

C’mon. Let’s get back to work.