I’m gonna be completely honest here, you guys.

I hit 40k words in Book 2 and it was like my brain shut off. WOO HOO! PARTY! SLEEP! FORGET ABOUT WRITING, IT SUCKS. 

Except I had this piece I intended to submit to an anthology just languishing on my Drive, 2/3rds complete. Smut piece. My element (m/m), and I stopped right in the middle of the sexy bits. Okay, I hit my Camp NaNoWriMo goal (40k), I can take a break. Finish the anthology writing the anthology piece. Edit and submit it tomorrow. 

That takes me until 11am. No matter, I have to write a piece a writing community on LiveJournal. Because today, I’m not focusing on the book. I refuse. Need a break. Don’t wanna stare at my outline and make sense of it (I outline so roughly it might as well be random words thrown together). 

Except I forgot. See, when I start the day writing smut, that’s all I can write for the rest of the day. So I start the writerverse piece — continuing writing this piece I’m writing purely for fun. 

Phone sex.

Well damnit, boys. You weren’t supposed to get sexy! This was supposed to be a serious chapter! With emotions! And drama! 

It’s even more awkward, turning yourself on while you write and there are people up and about and you have a three year old to chase. 

At least the writing’s going well?