So today has been fairly productive. One completed chapter for Book 2, another halfway finished. I struggled with the opening for chapter 19, which essentially started in the middle of a sex scene that was quickly interrupted. Something I’ve done before once or twice, maybe. If that. Ended the day with nearly 2000 completed words.

Completed the outline for Book 2 as well, before starting chapter 19. There are 14 outlined chapters — there are likely going to be 20-25. It’ll be interesting to see how well I can follow it…

And now for something completely different:

Ryin groaned, rolling his hips in time with Jordine’s. She held him down by his shoulders, straddling him, nails dragging along his skin as her own breath came in short gasps. They moved at a quick pace, his vision growing white around the edges as he —

“I’m sorry to interrupt, my Queen.”

Jordine ceased her motions, turning to look over her shoulder. She glared at the one who had spoken — and Ryin slowly realized the voice sounded familiar. “What is it, Kore?” she muttered, breathless. She shifted her weight, climbing off of Ryin. She folded her arms over her naked breasts, sitting beside Ryin and damn near glaring at him. “You know not to interrupt me when Emperor King is planet-side.”

Kore nodded, bowing his head slightly. “There has been news of a terrorist attack on one of our colonies on the border,” he said, a note of urgency to his voice. His eyes flickered over to Ryin, who moved to sit up in the bed beside Jordine, covering himself up as he did so. “Rumor has it the attack is in retaliation for an attack placed on one of Second Earth’s colonies earlier this evening.”

Ryin and Jordine exchanged glances, Jordine’s arms falling away from her chest as she slipped out of the bed. “Thank you, my King,” she murmured, padding softly over to him. “You are dismissed. Emperor King and I will take things over from here.”